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With Fusium, you’ll be able to count on a professional team of passionate engineers with in-depth experience. We work with cutting-edge tools and quality materials to provide a personalized service for whatever kind of project you’re planning. Whether for sand, iron, magnesium, or aluminum casting, we’ve developed a global reputation for excellence and have become an industry leader. At Fusium, you’ll be able to find unmatched customer service and all the parts you need. 

To achieve the best cost-effectiveness, the full extent of this know-how is used: patternless molding, MDF and expanded polystyrene patterns and 3D prototyping.

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Saguenay Foundry is a North American Leader that produces sand Iron castings and is ready to place its solid expertise in metallurgy to your service. The quality of the parts is supervised by professional Engineers and our customer care is second to none. 

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TMA is a light metal foundry dedicated to casting complex, thin-walled parts in both Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. TMA offers great production flexibility and focuses on the details that make the difference during the whole casting process to provide superior prototypes and/or production quality parts.