Fusium Group

Fusium is the result of the merger between two foundries, Saguenay Foundry and TMA, as well as the combined expertise of their master smelters.

It’s in our DNA to exercise our trade with passion and respect for the profession’s best practices. We are proud architects of our customer’s success. Combining best business practices with production technics is key to our success.

Beyond technology, our employees work on a daily basis to best satisfy our customers and advance our working methods towards perfection.

Our values

Our values ​​are published and shared across
all company divisions in order to create a
climate conducive to surpassing oneself and meeting
the requirements of our customers.

  1. Respect

    Participate in a healthy work climate by recognizing the skills and contributions of each and every one.

  2. Rigor

    Do your work according to best practices and deliver on promises made to customers and colleagues.

  3. Collaboration

    Encourage teamwork in order to meet present and future company challenges.

  4. Commitment

    Give the best of yourself by getting personally involved in making a difference and achieving excellence in your work.

Career opportunities

The masculine gender is used solely to lighten the text. Fusium encourages access to these careers for both men and women. Here is a summary of career opportunities within our divisions. If you are interested in a career with us, please forward your resume to RH@fusium.ca


This function consists of overseeing all operations necessary to the production of metallic parts from the molding stage, core design, core fabrication and closing of the molds leading to the pour of the casting.


Produces sand molds, is responsible for all stages of production from filling to the closing of the mold.

Pattern Maker

Fabricates and ensures maintenance of patterns (cope & drag) and core boxes used for making foundry molds.


Finished casting surface welding and general welding of production equipment.


Deburring of parts and other tasks related to the foundry profession.


Manager responsible for R&D and metallurgical element technical aspects. Also involved in maintaining the Quality Assurance system. Assumes technical management of the manufacturing processes.


Different management positions are also present within our organization to complete our team. To this end, let us mention the positions of production director, human resources director, industrial buyer, production supervisor, financial controller, sales representative and occupational health and safety manager.


Technical assistance support to production and other engineering tasks.