Fusium and aeronautic

At Fusium, we understand how important it is to obtain robust, long-lasting parts. And we also know that the aviation sector has implemented the highest standards of safety and quality control. That’s why we pay special attention to each of our manufacturing steps.


Why work with Fusium

Fusium listens to your needs and allows you to select the short or medium runs that correspond to your specific needs.

Typical production

From prototyping up to 1,000 pieces.


Fusium masters the various production stages which makes it possible to obtain parts with no defects, as required for aeronautics applications. X-rays, precise assembly of complex molds and validations with state-of-the-art devices such as programmable CMMs, are second nature at Fusium.

  • Aluminum Alloy

Pump Cover

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Poured Weight Per part
MaterialsMinimum (lbs)Maximum (lbs)
Grey iron20016000
Ductile iron20016000
Compacted Graphite iron20016000

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