The Group

Fusium is the result of the merger of two foundries, Saguenay Foundry and TMA, and their combined expertise as master smelters.

It’s in our DNA to exercise our trade with passion and with respect to the profession’s best practices. We are proud architects of our customer’s success. Combining best business practices with production techniques is key to our success.

Beyond technology, employees work daily to best satisfy our customers and advance our working methods towards perfection.

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In 2017, the Fusium management company entered into business following the acquisition of TMA by the owners of Saguenay Foundry.

Saguenay Foundry has been operating under this name since 1980 and its current factory located in Saguenay has been in constant evolution since 1965.

TMA came to be after the 1997 creation of the magnesium technology institute (ITM) which originated in the City of Quebec.  In 2004, TMA moved to Trois-Rivières, its actual location.

Our divisions :


Our production versatility allows us to truly respond to your needs by adapting our casting methods and supporting your business goals in a genuine value-driven partnership.

Our responsiveness defines us. Right from the start, we can get involve and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to design a part that meets all your specifications and tolerances. Most importantly, we deliver within timetables, and often are able to come up with a shorter lead time than you expected. Parts are delivered treated, machined and painted if required. Throughout, our communication process keeps all stakeholders in the loop at all times.

Saguenay Foundry is a North American Leader that produces sand Iron castings and is ready to place its solid expertise in metallurgy to your service. The quality of the parts is supervised by professional Engineers and our customer care is second to none. 

Saguenay Foundry

TMA is a light metal foundry dedicated to casting complex, thin-walled parts in both Aluminum and Magnesium alloys. TMA offers great production flexibility and focuses on the details that make the difference during the whole casting process to provide superior prototypes and/or production quality parts.


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Poured Weight Per part
MaterialsMinimum (lbs)Maximum (lbs)
Grey iron20016000
Ductile iron20016000
Compacted Graphite iron20016000

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