Fusium and prototyping

The automotive industry is undergoing constant change and we are continually adapting to meet the highest level of standards. Our tools and talent have allowed us to remain an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing your parts.


Why work with Fusium

We’ve developed an outstanding international reputation for manufacturing quality automotive parts and we’re proud to provide you with exceptional service.

Typical production

From prototyping up to 1,000 pieces.


Fusium has the expertise to support car manufacturers in their development projects. By following PPAPs and other quality monitoring systems, the foundry has the capacity to rapidly produce these often complex components, so that our customers can carry out their preproduction tests in record time and thus accelerate the marketing of new vehicles.

  • Magnesium Alloy

Chain Guard

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Poured Weight Per part
MaterialsMinimum (lbs)Maximum (lbs)
Grey iron20016000
Ductile iron20016000
Compacted Graphite iron20016000

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