Cone Valve

Division : Saguenay Foundry

Industry : Fittings

Quantity sold : 10 & more

Weight : 3267 lb

Here is a portfolio of the products we have sold to our clients from various industries.

Our tailor-made solutions are dedicated to each use. We can sell you products adapted to your needs or refer you to our designer customers. Textures shown in this portfolio are glossy to make it easier to see the details


  • Length: 57
  • Width : 57
  • Height : 50,5
  • Weight : 3267 lb


  • Length: 1448
  • Width : 1448
  • Height : 1283
  • Weight : 1485 kg

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Poured Weight Per part
MaterialsMinimum (lbs)Maximum (lbs)
Grey iron20016000
Ductile iron20016000
Compacted Graphite iron20016000


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