Mining industry challenges

Because you need to depend on your tools, our manufacturing processes are stringent and allow us to create robust components that are incredibly resistant, durable, and efficient.


Why work with Fusium

We’re ready to meet your needs and understand your mining industry projects. We’re committed to providing outstanding service and to manufacturing only the best parts.

Typical production

From prototyping up to 1,000 pieces.


To ensure the reliability of castings produced by Fusium, they are subjected to a plethora of tests such as ultrasound, magnetic particle inspection, tensile tests, and any other relevant examination all of which are carried out directly at the foundry. Complete reports are then sent to the customer to allow him to release the part and allow it to be sent to the mining site.

  • Ductile iron

Trunnion Head

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Poured Weight Per part
MaterialsMinimum (lbs)Maximum (lbs)
Grey iron20016000
Ductile iron20016000
Compacted Graphite iron20016000

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